Character Concepts

We’re having way too much fun designing the characters. Look at this guy! He has so much attitude!


If you’e curious about how we’ve come up with our characters so far, here’s how we’ve done it:

Most of the character concepts have begun in our heads as something fairly specific, but a little bit too hard to draw realistically based on imagination alone. So we basically just Google something similar to what we want (for example: “redneck macho guy”), and then once we find an image close enough to what we want to draw, we copy the image into Inkscape and start tracing the parts we want, and ignore the rest. Some characters require a mash-up of multiple images. The character pictured above, for instance, was based heavily on one photo of a guy dressed up like a redneck for Halloween. We just had to find different arms for him, add a pack of smokes, add some tattoos , and change his colors.

It can be a little bit tedious to go through the effort of researching and then tracing and coloring every single detail, but it is SO worth it! We don’t have a professional design team, so for a small low-budget project, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve created so far! 😀

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