Getting Close…

We’re almost finished the game! Working on the last scene, and trying not to rush it because we want it to be good. Here’s another little sneak peek into the creative process that goes into creating the closeup scenes. Typically, we start by grabbing a copy of the characters for the scene so we can match skin colours and so on. Then we look for stock images on Google with similarities to what we want to draw.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.48.40 PM
Some pieces we want to include in the final scene.

In this case, we have grabbed a copy of Mark from another scene, our main lady of the night (blurred to keep it spoiler-free), a few sexy poses to play around with, and also a bed that resembles what we want the bed to look like. After we have collected a rough sample of what should be in the scene, we start tracing the bits we want to keep. Then we add unique bits or touches to make it original. Finally, we put it all together, and result is something similar to the image below. (We used the same process mentioned above.) :

Centerfold Image
A little goodie for you to find. 😉

We hope that this blog has been insightful or useful for anyone interested in playing this game, or making their own game. If you’d like more details, or you want to discuss your own creative process, please feel free to comment below. Thanks for tagging along for the ride. The next update will be regarding play testing! 😀

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